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Recently in the CZech republic many more local railway lines are outcontracted annd the winner of the contract is often not CD, the old state-run national system. Some lines are now by GWtrains, RegioJet, ARRIVA and others. Your IR ticket is as for now=2020 NOT valid on these lines. This is esp. a sour grape for some summertime only local lines into Poland, where in PL it is OK, but in CZ NOT.
However, for students till 26 and for any senior >65 there is now a very big discount to go by public transp anywhere in CZ of 75%.
Also note that for RJ and LEO its even more complicated: they started with runing some major lines on their own risk, and on these lines (mostly to Slovakia and Wien/Vienna) IR is now accepted, but only if there are still seats available (not always the case) and in the budget car. In other cars you have to pay for the free cf and service, also if you have 1st cl. However, both RJ and LEO now also run some lines under contract and thus its quite hard to distinguish which is where and what. yes, railways always do try to make it as complicated as possible and even more as that.

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