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Dear Forum.

May I introduce myself ? I am Axel and my wife and me have travelled a lot in the past.
We both love to travel by rail and this time we have the following plan.

We will stay for around one month in our home in Kas/Turkey.
On the 20th of October we want to go to Istanbul by bus (Kamil Coc). After we are planning to stay there for 2 or 3 nights to then travel by sleep train from Istanbul to Bucharest. We would like to use the Bosphor Express for that. 2 questions : Is this train going every day even in autumn directly to Bucharest ? Where can we buy tickets and are there 2 bed cabins available ? Any idea about how much a ticket would cost us ?
After another 2 or 3 nights we want to leave in direction to Budapest. As we already know Budapest we would like to make another stopover in another Hungarian city, which is on the way. Any idea which one is worth while to stay for 2 nights ?
After that we want to return home using a train to Budapest and, after having looked around, leave from there, best in a sleeping cabin (2 persons) again. Any information about prices and where to buy tickets ? And how much that could cost ?

I know. Really a lot of questions. And we know it is not normal to plan such things as a couple around the 60th golden age.

Each help of your site is very welcome.

Best regards.


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Hi Axel.
Istanbul to Bucharest: available only at the train station.
Find details here:
Bucharest to Budapest is available by night train:
You could make a stop along the route in Brașov (Romania).
In Hungary have a look at the Lake Balaton area, for example here:
From Budapest continue to Vienna:
And finally by night train from Vienna to Cologne:
Best wishes, Peter :)