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I want to see Riga - Vilnius - Warsaw - Gdansk - Copenhagen and maybe Stockholm in one trip (two weeks). There will be three of us. I have tried to set everything up on the internet, but there is a mind-numbing array of options. Does anyone have some advice? What is the best way to proceed? Perhaps a travel agency could help?

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Do you start in Copenhagen and want to make a round trip?
First I recommend you this blog post of Flo which will answer you already a lot of questions: [ux][/ux]


Direct ferry available. Journey time is about 16 hours. Ticket prices from Euro 100. Booking on [ux][/ux]


Either by bus: [ux][/ux] for about Euro 19

Or by train:
Riga to Daugavpils in the morning for Eur 7. Buy at the station or online: [ux][/ux]
Short walk in the city.
Continue Daugavpils to Vilnius for Euro 9. Buy at the station or online [ux][/ux]


By train a bit "complicate", but doable on weekends for the Lithuanian part. Polish part daily.
Vilnius with change in Kaunas to Bialystok for about 15 Euro at the station or online at [ux][/ux]
Bialystok to Warsaw for about 7 Euro online at [ux][/ux]

Or by bus daily and direct on: [ux][/ux]


Several direct trains with a journey time of about 3 hours. Calculate with a ticket price of 35 Euro.

Either by ferry: first travel by train from Gdansk to Świnoujście which is about 8 hours, depends on your connection. Tickets from about 16 Euro.
Polferries offer a ferry route from Świnoujście to Ystad (~ 6 hours) plus a bus shuttle to Copenhagen (~1:15h). Ticket prices from about 60 Euro [ux][/ux] - also overnight.

Or by train: from Gdansk to Berlin: journey time about 7 hours. Tickets from 29 Euro. Book on [ux][/ux] . Overnight stop recommended.
And from Berlin to Copenhagen with a journey time of about 8 hours and tickets from 39 Euro.
A good hotel (at least the one I always use) in Berlin close to the central station and Brandenburger Tor is the Intercity hotel: [ux][/ux]


Travel by direct train. Tickets available on [ux][/ux] or [ux][/ux] from about 20 Euro. The journey time is about 5:30h.

[b]Where to sleep:[/b]
For hotel bookings I recommend: [ux][/ux]

All in all, it is easy to book. No need to have a travel agency in-between! :)
If you have more questions, feel free to ask! :)

Pete :)