Posted 5 years ago

Hi everyone, does anyone has any experience with jammed cabin doors in your trips on these trains?
My wife is stuck in one of these train cabins because she can\'t open the door because the lock is jammed and she\'s been there for almost a couple of hours and even though she has used the Help button, nobody comes, what can she do?
When she turns one of the knobs, the knob turns but it doesn\'t unlock it as if the knob threads are stripped.
I\'m not with her now but we are texting, and this is so concerning, i\'m worried about her.
The details are: Train is EN 40467 and is currently running from Zurich to Budapest, time schedule for the train is from 21:40pm to 9.24am, she\'s in cabin T3.
If anyone has any experience with it and has some advice or know who I can contact or call to let them know what\'s happening, it would be much appreciated!!

Thank you,

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