Posted 5 years ago

I\'m hoping to take a bed in a couchette train from Tangier to Marrakech on 16 or 17 October. (I\'ll arrive in Morocco on 12 Oct.)
Can someone please let me know if couchette train is still running on that route?
I\'m asking because I can\'t sleep sitting in a seat, so a bed will be much better for that ride.
Also, will I be able to buy such a ticket in advance at a train station in Casablanca or Rabat (instead of buying last-minute in Tangier)?
Many thanks for your advice :)

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replied 5 years ago

Hi and welcome to railcc!

The night train from Tanger to Marrakech should still convey regular seats and sleeping accomodation (I think it is a sleeping car with cabins for up to three passengers, not a couchette with cabins for up to six passengers).
On the website of ONCF (Moroccan Railways) it _was not_ possible to book the sleeping accomodation in the past: [ux][/ux] - I think that hasnt changed but you might try.

Anyway it wont be a problem to make a booking for the night train at any larger railway station in the country (for instance Casablanca or Rabat).

Please, if you take the night train - let us know where you bought the ticket and tell us about your experience on the night train. It would help many other travellers too! Photos are very much needed as well... :)