Posted 6 years ago

Can you please help me understand this global pass? I have an ideal trip in my mind that includes stops in Italy, France and United Kingdom, I\'m travelling from Athens, Greece, is it possible with this card? Can I choose the stops I like to make it or are there any restrictions? When I put a destination in your site, it suggests some trips and there is always a stop in Patra or Thessaloniki, Greece. Is it possible to travel from Athens to a different country by train without having to count another greek city as 1 of the 5 days of my trip?

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replied 6 years ago

Hi Katerina.
Please read here.
First time Interrail: [u][/u]
How to Interrail: [u][/u]
Available as well in Greek language.
No need to travel via Patras, you can also travel via Skopje, Belgrade, ...
But if you want to travel with the 5 in 15 days Interrail pass [u][/u] , you should use the ferry to Italy and do your way directly in direction of UK. Otherwise you will need more travel days.
Have a look as well on [ux][/ux] to find connections. If you let us know your stops, I can help you with more details.
Pete :)