Posted 3 years ago

I have used your link to try to do the booking. Seems difficult to book for six people. When I signed into Deutsche Bahn (made an account) it seemed to be possible to do Group bookings for 6-49 persons. I tried to book this way by doing a Group of six people, but I could come any further after registration of the Group and ages. There was a mismatching between ages in the Group registration and the ages available in the booking site.

When I instead tried to book for five persons I got the following answer, I didn´t get to the point where I could say that we have interrail cards, and it said that the "comfort category or regulated fare category is fully booked”. After I called a Swedish telephone site who told me that the date that I asked for not at all was booked, so I don´t understand.

Is the site (marked with DB and that I used the best Place to book this nighttrain if I wish to book myself and not use a booking service site??


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