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Thank you very much! I appreciate you answered this question, we were having so many doubts about it!

There\'s another thing that we don\'t really know how to do. If we can use our Interrail Pass to travel from Perkovic to Budapest (to use our 7 pm rule), we don\'t know how to buy the ticket from Split to Perkovic. We thought that we could buy the ticket for an external bus or train that dropped us in the station and from there get to the train when it arrives and use the Interrail Pass for the night voyage, however, you pointed out that we could "buy an additional ticket from Split to Perkovic and travel on the same train" so is it correct that we can externally pay the Split to Perkovic part of the trip and then hand in our Interrail Pass when we arrive to Perkovic to get a bed assigned in THE SAME TRAIN? If so, how can we book this? We\'ve looked up trains from HZPP but we are not sure how to book our reservation from Perkovic to Budapest and then pay the Split to Perkovic part WITHOUT HAVING TO USE TWO SEPARATE TRAINS? The problem to this is that the schedules from independent trains differ quite a bit so we would have to stay in the station for 3 hours before the actual night train arrives, and we wanted to know if we could avoid this.

Thank you very much for the attention

PD: The message I wrote last time was
When travelling from Split to Budapest I have to use 2 days of my Interrail pass because the trip starts at 6: 30. Can I, instead of starting my overnight trip in Split, start it in Perkovic (which is one of the train stations where the train stops) and start my night journey in a couchette bed from there as the trip there starts at 19:29 and therefore I will only have to use one travel day. Is it possible to start the overnight journey in any of the tran stations named in the journey? Or is it just possible to start in Split? Is it possible also to book this night train with my Interrail pass and travel therefore, to Perkovic on my own, and catch the train there?

And your answer:

Hi and welcome to railcc!

Yes you can travel from Perkovic (first stop after 19:00) to Budapest and use the 19:00 rule.
You can buy an additional ticket from Split to Perkovic and travel on the same train. You can buy your reservation either from Split to Budapest or Perkovic to Budapest, the price is the same.


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