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First buy your Eurail pass. Then you need to activate it before you can use it. It must be activated within 11 months of the issuing date. You have tow options: activate it for free at a train station in Europe. Or activate your Eurail pass when you place your order at [ux][/ux]

1. Activate your Eurail Pass for free at a European train station.
Go to a ticket window in a large train station in one of the participating Eurail countries. The railway staff will then activate your Eurail Pass by filling in the start and end date and your passport number. They will also stamp the pass in order to validate it. The activation is only possible in train stations in participating Eurail countries.

2. Free activation when you place your order at [ux][/ux]
They activate your Eurail Pass before you receive it. If you use this service your Eurail Pass will arrive pre-activated. This option is useful if you already know the exact dates you\'re going to travel. Just fill in as date to activate your pass, the first day you will use a train.

This is one of the questions often asked by Eurail travellers. Therefore this information in detail.

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