Posted 3 years ago

My recent difficulties in successfully booking a NJ trip with ÖBB were caused by language barriers. Apparently the ONLY way to book a NJ trip with ÖBB using a Eurail Pass [ux][/ux] is over the phone, yet finding someone at the other end of the phone line who speaks English can be very hard. That\'s why I\'m sharing this, in case it proves helpful to anyone else in similar situations:

When I repied to the email informing me of my corrected booking, the Customer Service agent replied again, with the following suggestion
Just a tip for the next Booking on the phone:
Please tell my collage on the phone that you want to talk to me (Mrs. Kawasaki).
Unfortunately we have sparsely people who is able to talk in English.
I hope for the next booking that I may able to book it for you.

Since she fixed my problem, it definitely seems worthwhile to follow her advice, for anyone who needs to book with ÖBB over the phone in the near future. I hope this information does help others avoid the sort of scare I had

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