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I\'m planning a 3 week trip with interrail.
First of all, thank you very much for that incredible website, much more complete than the interrail website.

The blog post "From Bar to Belgrade" [ux][/ux] convinced me to take that train.
I would like to do that journey on September 22, but now I see on [ux][/ux] that the train runs until 7 sept. 2017. Is this true?
Is it possible that this is a mistake? Because when I check on that site : link timed out - use [ux][/ux]
... there is no mention of the service interruption.

Thanks again for the help!


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Hi Jean, welcome to railcc!

Thank you very much for your kind words! :)
If you are missing any information please just let us now and we\'ll try to include it.

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Regarding your question...the schedule planner of Serbian Railways [ux][/ux] usually shows the correct and up to date information.
[ux][/ux] is using a database which needs to be updated in case of new schedules - but not all railway companies provide these updates in time.

At the moment, there is the day train running from Bar to Belgrade as well as two night trains (Bar - Belgrade and Bar - Subotica). The night trains are said to run only during the summer season until beginning of September. This is also the information from the schedule planner of Serbian Railways. It could be that part of the journey of the day train will be by bus due to construction works - most likely between Lajkovac and Belgrade, where train have been replaced by bus during the spring.

I\'ve just returned from a trip through the Balkans where we also travelled by night train from Bar to Novi Sad where we could enjoy the most spectacular part of the line in Montenegro. :)