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After some research and an extended period of doubt I finally concluded that the best solution for me would be to get an interrail global pass and and spend the next month going from my hometown (Aveiro - Portugal) to Sofia (Maybe Instambul) and back. My issues these last couple of days have been trying to find a reliable reservation website (acprail keeps giving me error messages all the time). I need to get from Vigo to Barcelona (then Cerbere) as quick as possible and the night train from A Coruña to Barcelona seems like a good option and the renfe website doesn\'t seem to allow for reservations alone.

For the most of the trip I would avoid trains with required reservations wherever possible but still it would be nice to have a reliable place to get them in case they\'re needed.

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Hi and welcome to railcc!

Please note that the night train from A Coruna and Vigo to Barcelona conveys 1st class accomodation only and that you have to buy an additional "upgrade" from 2nd to 1st class in addition to your reservation if you are travelling with a 2nd class Interrail ticket:

Regarding can use the reservation service of our partner; however these reservations have to be sent by post. Use this link to our partner to buy your ticket to support our work: [ux][/ux] - thank you! :)

Of course you can also buy reservations locally at train stations. This still is the easiest way to get most reservations.
Online reservations can be bought through ACP Rail [ux][/ux] (we know that it doesnt always work perfectly...), or for French trains at [ux][/ux], for high speed trains in the Benelux area [ux][/ux] for Italy at [ux][/ux] (select "Global Pass" option)...