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Dear all

Do you know, if it is possible to travel from Zurich to Marrakech by train? Another possibility is from Rome to Marrakech. And where can I buy the tickets?

Thank you,

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Hey Manuel. :)

An interesting trip. I just set up the route for you showing the general stops and ticket booking options. Check here: [u][/u]

So in general the route is like this - other options of course possible, it also depends if you want to make stops in between or rush trough as fast as possible.
Travel from Zurich to Paris, then from Paris to Barcelona - or even on to Madrid.
There you have an overnight stop. From Barcelona or Madrid, you continue to Algeciras in Southern Spain - where you change to the ferry to Tangier.
From Tangier-Med to Tangier-Ville you have a free bus shuttle between 06-22h, every hour, showing your ferry ticket. From Tangier-Ville continue for example by night train to Marrakesh.

ALL tickets incl. ferry and the train in Morocco are available online. :)

Just follow this link and go trough step by step: [u][/u]

If you need help, let me know... and of course it would be interesting to hear from you your experiences, if you did this trip.

If you want to start in Rome, thing about including the ferry here to Barcelona: [u][/u]

Pete :)



replied 7 years ago

Hi Manuel,

as Peter has already written, it actually isn\'t that complicated to travel from Zurich to Marrakech by train (and ferry).

From Zurich you can travel within one day as far as Madrid; either via Genf - Lyon or via Paris. I recommend to book in one go at either [ux][/ux] or [ux][/ux]. Do you have a GA for Switzerland?
You could try and get cheaper fares by splitting the tickets, booking for instance Zurich - Perpignan as a separate ticket; however I would then make an overnight stop there which would again cost something - if money is an issue you will have to play through different options.

Travelling from Barcelona or Madrid to Algeciras is quite easy; as Peter already wrote you can then take the ferry from Algeciras to Tanger Med (the big port of Tanger far away from the actual city). An alternative would be to take a ferry from Tarifa directly to Tanger; again the bus transfer from Algeciras to Tarifa is included: [ux][/ux]

From Tanger there is a daily night train to Marrakesh as well as a number of daytime connections including a change of trains in Casablanca.

From Italy, there are ferries to Tanger Med from Genova operated by Grandi Navi Veloce; they also operate from Barcelona.

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