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So since getting my first passport last September I've fallen in love with travel, and accordingly I've planned a 22 day interrailing trip with 3 friends, from July 15th to August 6th. From the 21st of June I'll be studying in France for 3 weeks, and so we've decided to start from Paris. Now, I've looked at train times, routes and so on. Our plan is ambitious (we basically want to see as much as we can) but I was hoping someone could advise me on how viable it is.

Paris-Geneva-Milan-Lake Garda-Ljubljana-Budapest-Bratislavia-Vienna-Prague-Berlin-Amsterdam

When we reach Amsterdam, we'll probably just stay there and spend up before flying home. We won't be staying overnight in a few of these places; I've done my best to limit the time we'll be spending on trains, which should be only around 50 hours in total.

How does the route seem, from a logistical point of view?

PS. I'm also wondering how much money to take. We all have our tickets already, so that's sorted. I have £1150 to spend on accommodation and other expenses; will that cover me for the 22 days? I've been Budapest, it was cheap, and I imagine the other Eastern European countries on my list will be similar?

Many thanks!

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