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Hey, guys!
I am planning a 2/2.5 months' interrail for next summer (July and August of 2016) and I would like to read your opinions about my route, what places you think I should visit during my journey, etc... I have travelled alone (Amsterdam/2014 and Stockholm/Tromsø this year) and I absolutely loved feeling so free and with no one to tell me what do to or where to go and I think I am more than ready to go on this adventure all by myself.
Oh!! I also would like to know which interrail tickets are more suitable for my route!

So, my idea is to travel a little bit through central Europe (part 1) and then head to Scandinavia (part 2).
While travelling through central Europe, I'll be staying in hostels. However, couchsurfing is also a possibility. But camping is something I really, really want to do and I'm planning on doing it while travelling in Scandinavia, as the nordic nature is way to impressive to be only seen from a window train! Sleeping in the middle of nowhere must be one of the best experiences ever.

My 1st part is already planned, butthere's still plenty of time until next Summer, reason why this route can still suffer a few changes.
My 2nd part, on the other hand, is still a little bit undefined, because Scandinavia has way to many amazing places to visit and that's why I need your help!
Here it goes:

[b]1st Part - Central Europe[/b]
Flight to Vienna.
Vienna - Salzburg - Hallstatt (camping!) - Ljubljana (with a day trip to Lake Bled) - Budapest (with a day trip to Bratislava) - Prague.
Duration: 20 days!

[b]2nd Part - Scandinavia[/b]
From Prague, I take a train (with several changes, but during the day, yay!) to Sønderborg, in South Denmark.
Sønderborg (camping!) - all the way to Skagen, visiting a few cities along the way, and then returning south, to Copenhagen - Malmö (Sweden) - Kristianstad - Gothenburg - travel to Kiruna (visit a few more places) and back, to Stockholm - Ferry to Turku (Finland) - Espoo - Helsinki (with a 2 day trip to Tallinn) - Porvoo - Lappeenranta - Tampere - Jyvaskyla - Kuopio - Vaasa - Oulu - Rovaniemi - Ivalo - Kirkenes (Norway) - North Cape - and all the way south to Oslo, visiting some norwegian must-sees along the way (Bergen and Trolltunga included, of course! :P ).

What places do you think I should visit while in Scandinavia, specially Finland and Sweden?! I'm referring to lakes, fjørds, natural/national parks, typical villages and small towns - both close and far from the coast! I would really like to visit the inner Sweden and the inner Finland, as well as their coast lines.

I am sorry for this HUGE post, but thank you so much for spending time reading it and leaving some important tips and opinions! I'm counting on your experience. :D

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