Posted 8 years ago

FEVE was untill about 2 years ago a separate railway in Espana-it was de ''vias estrecha''=narrow gauge. They mainly run in the north along the coast , from Bilbao west via Santander-Oviedo till el Ferrol. In parts the route is very scenic, but service is sparse-often just 2 trains/day. They also do frequent local suburban tramlike trains around the big cities. All along this coast are also frequent and much faster expressbuses.
I've read that from 1/4 coming FEVE will also accept InterRail tickets-untill now you only got 50% discount.The suburban services mostly run with gates and magnetic tickets-so you still need to get special free tickets to pass-and its Espana, so this often takes many monthes before staff get to know that.
Note that some regions have taken over the former FEVE lines in their area:
Valencia=FGV, from Alacant via Benidorm (till there now electric tram) to Denia.
FGC=Catalunya, suburban around Barcelona and some mountain lines further on. Some of these give 50 % off.
ET=FV=Paises Vascos=Basque, east of Bilbao via Donostia/San Sebastian till French border=Irun/Hendaya. Local fares are quite cheap.
These 3 do NOT accept IR still-some may give discounts.

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