Posted 8 years ago

MOney hungry SNCF has since the new timetable on 15/12 also raised the extra to pay for passholders on TGV, IC/day etc to at least 9 eur. They can since around mid this year be booked online (from most countries, but NOT whilst in FR!!) on the [ux][/ux] site, click on Interrail and follow menu-that was changed many times recently and still has some funny diversions. You have to precise where to collect ticket-click on France and spare the few mins to get it out of a yellow SNCF machine with the code they send you on @mail. You can do that on any machine wherever-not just those at where your trip starts. You need to have a creditcard to do so for payment.
It used to be 6 eur and when I tried out in sept most trains could be had for that-not now, many more trains in what they think of as peaks (or busy days) cost more as that 9 eur. It is 18,70 for recline seats on Nighttrains.
It is as of now NOT possible to book seats on TGV to Espana=Barcelona, nor to Italia (but there IR is not valid anyway), nor for couchette on nighttrains (which should cost not much more as 18,70), but does seem possible to Switzerland and Germany (starting FROM those-cannot use SNCF).

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