Posted 8 years ago

Amsterdam to Moscow via Warsaw by train.

Moscow to Beijing by train (trans Serberian rail way..)

That is what I'm looking at doing. From everything I've read the Trans Siberian rail way has limited disabled friendly facilities these days but once you go off from the main route, even a little bit I will come up against problems.

Is that about right?

The Amsterdam to Moscow via Warsaw I'm not sure about. I'm not very familiar with that route in general. I'm more familiar with Citi Night Line night trains and their routes. So whether or not the -Amsterdam to Moscow via Warsaw- route has disabled friendly facilities, that I do not know unfortunately... would anybody happen to know?

I'm not even looking for a room (bed) & bathroom where I can be fully independent, just one that I can access ....... just a room that I can access from the entrance of the train, not to mention a room with a bathroom that I can access and use... even if it's shared with another cabin, but I would prefer my own bathroom. Anyways here's a list of things I would be looking for:

There preferably is not any steps into the bathroom.
The door way to the bathroom is wider than 44cm-48cm. Somewhere around there.
The corridors from the entrance to the train and the door to the room is wide.

That's about it to be honest.

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