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[quote]01/out wednsday 06:15 Dublin Paris 08:55 Ryanair
02/out Thusday 08:00 Paris Bruxelas 12:47 interrail- thales
02/out Thursday 17:23 Bruxelas Amsterdam 8:36 PM interrail- thales
03/out Friday 20:31 Amsterdam Amsterdam 7:10 AM CNL
04/out Saturday Munique Munique
05/out Sunday 23:40 Munique venezia st lucia 08:24 cnl
06/out Monday 02:20 venezia st lucia Roma 18:10
06/out Monday 19:20 Roma Paris Thelo
07/out Tuesday 20:00 Paris Dublin 23:15 Ryanair[/quote]

I just opened this topic as it is easier to discuss your route in the forum - and to give you some links.
So your flights from/to Dublin are booked?

Paris - Brussels: THALYS trains require a reservation! There are slower but free connections available.
Find here the details about Thalys extra fees: [u][/u]

In Belgium you have as well Brugge and Ghent as nice cities (I personally would prefer Brugge instead of Brussels).

Brussels - Amsterdam: avoid the Thalys, use free trains.

In Germany you could also visit for example Berlin... nice and cheap. Good night live! :)
Definitely cheaper than Munich. Then from Berlin via Prague to Munich (good to travel without extra reservations, see schedules).
Amsterdam - Munich: if you want to use the night train, reserve in advance. Read details how to bellow the map.

Munich - Venice: like above, reserve early - [u][/u]

Venice - Rome: to travel fast, use a high speed train with a reservation fee of EUR 10, available at ticket machines in Italy (select the option Global Pass) or via

Rome - Paris: the Thello train is not included in Interrail, they only have special-rail-pass-fares (but expensive). Check their website for details and booking.

Maybe you want to include from/to Italy/France this route as well which is amazing and free with Interrail: [u][/u]

Peter :)

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