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(Dublin) - Amsterdam - Berlin - Prague - Krakow - Budapest - Split - Ljubljana/Bled - Belgrade - Athens


I'm researching the route shown above at the moment to travel with 6 friends in July and was hoping for some advice from travelers who may have done a similar route! We'll activate our '10 days travel in 22 days InterRail Global Pass' when we leave Amsterdam and then stay for 2/3 days in each location.

First of all, it seems a fairly unconventional route, but due to available train-lines backtracking from Split to Bled seems the best option at the moment, then going on to Athens via Belgrade. If anyone can offer an alternative route or recommendations for that route they'd be very welcome, especially regarding the second half of the journey.

We'll be staying in hostels for the whole trip (10e-20e/night) and were wondering how much we should book in advance, and whether there's any exceptional accommodation that fits our price range that anyone knows of on the way?! We'll be staying in the cities we're visiting, the exception being Athens where we plan on finding a nice island to chill for the last couple days.

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Hi Rory.
Still a bit of time to plan your trip. Schedules may change - but a route could look like this...

(Dublin) - Amsterdam - Berlin - Prague - Krakow - Budapest: easy to do. You find information here on railcc in the schedules.

Budapest - Ljubljana is possible by direct day train. But you will arrive late in the evening (23:37h) in Ljubljana. Then next day to Bled. Maybe skip Bled for a future trip.

If you travel from Budapest in direction of Split, you could think about of the direct overnight train (only in the summer months). Otherwise you have to change in Zagreb (easy to do).

Split to Belgrade: continue by bus to Dubrovnik, then on to Montenegro. Also by bus, it's cheap - information here in the schedules:
From Montenegro take the scenic train to Belgrade:

You could also include from Zagreb the cities of Sarajevo and Mostar - then on by bus from Mostar to Split/Dubrovnik.

From Belgrade there is currently a direct overnight train to Thessaloniki, from where you can easily contine to Athens. Note: day trains in Greece require a high reservation fee for Interrailers. Thessalonik-Athens is something about EUR 16. The night train is free! :)

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Thank you! :)

Peter :)