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We want to travel from Bellano to Tirano 13/9/2014
How long before we can purchase the on line tickets?
Which are the hours of departs TO TIRANO on Sundays ?
We will return Monday 14/9 from St Moritz to Tirano. Can we take a train in Tirano straight to Milan?
How often are theese trains?
Thank you!

The trains you will use are from
These are local trains, no need to buy tickets in advance, just buy them at the station. Online pre-booking is usually 2-3 months in advance. You will always get a seat. I know this route personally.

Bellano - Tirano: EUR 7
Tirano - Milano: EUR 11,05

Frequent connections, during the day at least every two hours, also on Sundays - direct train Tirano-Milano:

And in Tirano starts the scenic route trough the Alps: [u][/u]

Peter :)

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