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[b]LISBON - PARIS | night train | Sud-Express (TGV + SUD-Expresso)[/b]
How to buy point to point train tickets. Information for Interrail and Eurail pass travelers. Route from Lisbon (Portugal) to Paris (France).

Information to the travel route Lisbon - Hendaye (Sud-Express) - Paris. The first part to the Spanish-French border is by direct night train. In the summer months it is recommended to make the reservation and ticket purchase some days in advance.

[b]How to buy the tickets for this connection:[/b]
First buy a train ticket from [b]Lisbon to Hendaye[/b]. If [b]Hendaye[/b] is not possible as destination, select [b]Irun[/b] as station (Irun is the border station in Spain, Hendaye in France - it is less than 5 minutes and usually no problem to just stay into the train, even your ticket ends in Irun). Buy this ticket via
or locally in Portugal at the railway station.

Then a second ticket from [b]Hendaye to Paris[/b] is available on

Both tickets are available as e-tickets to print out at home. Easy and secure.

[b]More information and train schedules[/b]:
Lisbon - Paris:
Paris - Lisbon:

At high season it is recommended to buy a reservation for Interrail or Eurail pass in advance! Please pay attention to theft, especially in the part of Portugal. Lock the doors, maybe fix your bag by a simple bicycle locker somewhere on your seat. The staff in the train is helpful. Dont be panic about this, but I have to mention it.
The direct night train without changes from Lisbon to Paris doesn't exist any more!

[b]Update: Jan 2016[/b]

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The night train Lisbon to Irun/Hendaye (Spanish-French border) train is currently suspended. There is no date given when it will return.
Updates here:

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