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here is the information for the [b]Elipsos[/b]... expensive !! :(

:arr: [b]Elipsos Joan MirĂ³ - Paris to Barcelona[/b]
- normal sleeping seats: 45 EUR
- tourist class (4 beds per cabin): 69 EUR
- club class (double bed): 105 EUR
- club class (single bed): 160 EUR
(prices per person with InterRail ticket and one-way!)

:arr: [b]an other connection (cheaper!):[/b]
Dep. Barcelona Sants (regional train - no supplements): 17:25
via Port Bou to
Arr. Cerbere: 20:07
change of train
Dep. Cerbere (night train 3730): 21:21
Arr. Paris Austerlitz: 07:27

Paris to Barcelona:
Dep. Paris Austerlitz (night train 3731): 21:56
Arr. Cerbere: 08:13
then regional train (no supplements) to Barcelona Saints

couchettes (6 beds in one compartment): EUR 24

:!: [b]To get a reservation for the one of these two possibilities: [u][/u]

:arr: [b]the cheapest way, crossing the Pyreneans:[/b]

For example [b]Paris[/b] - [b]Perpignan[/b] (stay one night at the sea) - [b]Le Tour de Carol[/b] (you use a cool small adventure train trough tunnels, high bridges = Petit Train Jaune) - [b]Barcelona[/b]
on this route you cross the Pyrenees and it is a fantastic nature!!

:arr: or you travel [b]Paris[/b] - [b]Port Bou[/b] (then a regional train) - [b]Barcelona[/b]

:arr: for information about Le Petit Train Jaune (=the small yellow train) have a look on these websites. by the way, this train is in summer without a roof !! :)
and it is an official SNCF train, so you have an adventure tour without supplements !!

:!: [b]direct connection trough the Pyrenees[/b] - Barcelona to Latour de Carol and then continue by the Petit Train Jaune to Perpignan or directly to Paris:

[b]European train connections[/b][u][/u]

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